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Monday, October 26, 2015

SAILING Atop the World in October!

The ocean brings you up on a wave and then the boat falls down into the waves valley like trough. 

You feel the rhythmic drop throughout your whole body. And then just as you settle in, the wave surges with power under the boat lifting you up high again. 

You feel the powerful ocean current under you lifting the boat up with its invisible 'wings' and for a moment feel atop of the world! It's as if the ocean is singing with the sea chanty: 'Way ho - up she rises...way ho! Up she rises!'. 

As you can see I was having fun sailing yesterday afternoon - even though the wind was really wierd and blowing from a strange direction in the middle of the day (usually without fail it blows from the northwest during the day). And on top of that the wind was as fickle as anything, Sometimes blowing, sometimes not. So I was sailing under power most of the afternoon. Sailing atop the world in October can only happen with some kind of power and honestly without an engine and without wind, it's more like floating with frustration atop the world instead! Lol! 

 In the past, I had a lot of aggravating sailing days in October because for three years I sailed without an engine! Man, you learn a lot about sailing that way! But it has a big price tag, I can tell you. And it's not always 'safe'. Not having an engine in October is just like asking for trouble - especially when sailing along the coast in California.

For one, what happens when a big ship comes along and you're in the middle of the channel? Well, you have to get creative! I learned how to row a sailboat - and that's not easy - or fast. And two, what happens when you're out at sea and suddenly the wind dies on you? What then? Well, your stuck having to sit around and wait till it comes back and meantime using the tide to the best of your advantage to get inshore a little. 

October sailing has its drawbacks. Honestly it's not my favorite time of the year to sail. Maybe its because the sun does not shine as long during the day nor is it as hot since the colder weather is approaching. I have always found October to have a lot of days when the wind is variable - sometimes blowing and sometimes not!  It seems that in the summer that the wind is like clockwork - up and running at 10am and ready to retire at 11pm. But in October the wind decides to 'sleep in' on many days and 'get up' at 12pm and then take lots of 'naps' in the afternoon - finally getting going around 3pm but then often finishing early at sunset! Crazy!

So anyway, I wish you the best of 'sailing atop the world in October' (and in this season) and my advise to you is (and I thought I would never hear myself say this) is that if you don't have a reliable engine right now, find a way to fix it or get a better one! And if that's not possible check out my website and maybe that will help you prepare for some of the problems you may face.

Thanks for your comments!


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